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Training Sessions

Your first session is a comprehensive fitness assessment to establish your personal goals, your specific needs and discuss all aspects of your training program.

This process allows me to fully understand your requirements and any other aspect of your lifestyle that may have a bearing upon your training.

Upon completion of this consultation, we will commence one-on-one training sessions designed to motivate you to achieve your fitness goals.

Each training session is unique and may cover different aspects of your overall program. However all sessions will target your specific needs with your personal goals revisited when necessary.

Totally Tracey will give you results that give you increased energy and a better state of mind and overall health. As you increase your fitness you will reduce your chance of heart disease and be much better equipped to manage stress. During these sessions you will be motivated and encouraged to ensure you enjoy your sessions and that you are executing your exercises in a safe manner at all times while training.

In addition to discussing your situation, needs, and preferences, I pledge to work so that these needs and desires are satisfied. That way Totally Tracey’s major objective – your physical fitness and personal wellness –gives you that edge in life.

You can work one-on-one, in pairs or in a group.

Training Sessions are normally 1 hour – 1 ½ hours.

What you can expect from a training session.

bullet Fat loss, weight control, weight maintenance
bulletIncreased metabolism
bulletIncreased calorie burning after exercise
bulletReductions in resting blood pressure for clients with high or borderline
blood pressure
bulletDecreased risk for type 2 diabetes
bulletDecreased risk for osteoporosis
bulletIncreased bone mineral content
bulletPersonal physical independence
bulletProtection from joint and muscle injury
bulletImproved posture
bulletImproved physical image
bulletImproved self-esteem
bulletMore Muscle Tone
bulletMore Flexibility
bulletNutritional/Dietary Advice

The first step is always the hardest so don't delay.

Make an appointment to change your life style.

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