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Remedial Massage

The primary aim of Remedial Massage is to find and assist in the repair of muscular and soft tissue problems. It has both short and long term effects on the body, and can assist with the healing process. It is also one of the most effective and natural treatments for stress related conditions.

Short term effects are:

bullet increase blood flow to the area being massaged and throughout the whole body
bullet increase the lymphatic flow to and from the treated area, thereby reducing pain, swelling and inflammation and speeding up the body's own healing process
bullet relieve stress and tension, factors which are known to hinder healing and cause problems of their own
bullet reduce muscle tension, thereby improving the blood supply to an area
bullet increase muscle tone

Long term effects are:

bullet improved general circulation
bullet balance of the muscles and joints, leading to a better state of health
bullet breaking down of scar or fibrous tissue, restoring elasticity to the joints
bullet greater mobility within the joints of the body
bullet greater immunity to further injuries of the same area

1 hour $99


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