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An aromatherapy massage combines the benefits of massage therapy with the use of essential oils. They can have many different effects on the mind, body and spirit, and make an aromatherapy massage an uplifting experience.

In aromatherapy massage, essential oils are mixed with carrier oil in my practise I use apricot kernel oil. Each essential oil has different healing properties.

For Example:

Relaxing might have lavender or bergamot,

Sore Muscles might include peppermint and eucalyptus,

Decongesting might have eucalyptus, pine, tea tree.

Essential oils are a volatile, highly concentrated plant extracts, derived from leaves, bark, roots, seeds resins and flowers. A few drops in the bath, for inhalation, or added to creams and lotions can be very pleasant, but the most relaxing and therapeutic use is through aromatherapy massage.

When you inhale essential oil molecules, messages are transmitted to the limbic system and affect heart rate, stress level, blood pressure, breathing, memory, digestion, and the immune system.

The benefits of massage affect the body as a whole and it particularly influences the activity of the following areas of the body:

Musculoskeletal, circulatory, lymphatic, and nervous systems.

With the correct techniques and the right blend of essential oils, an aromatherapy massage can provided symptomatic relief to a variety of problems.

Stress for example, can cause and exacerbate many chronic problems including digestive problems, migraines, hypertension, back ache and muscle tension.

An Aromatherapy massage can be an effective way of inducing relaxation, combating stress and ensuring continuation of good health.


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