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A personal training session by a qualified personal trainer includes:
cardio, strength, flexibility, and resistance exercises.


No monthly fees, No joining fees, No direct debit membership contracts.

Personal training has many advantages, including faster and more consistent results, increased motivation and commitment, structured and personalized sessions based on achievable, safe, fun realistic and attainable goals using common sense exercise principles.

Training includes instruction in resistance training (weights, bands, and machines), flexibility (stretching), nutrition (eating sensibly without hopping on the diet bandwagon), cardiovascular conditioning, and functional training. You will learn proper technique and why these areas of fitness are important. You’ll cross train (change activities), and change how hard you work over specific time periods so you will stay interested, have fun, and keep the results coming.

Fitness is about healthy eating, living, and maintaining a regular exercise program. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or advanced in Fitness, I can help you take the first step towards a better lifestyle and greater success with your training pattern.

Have you avoided starting a fitness program because you dislike crowded gyms and you lack the motivation to push yourself? Have you tried to lose weight using fad diets or fad fitness programs, but have trouble staying motivated because you're not seeing results? Are you confused with the multitude of programs and products that suggest they will quickly get you fit and lose weight? If you answer yes to these questions then hiring a personal fitness trainer may be the solution you need.

Experienced and Certified personal training is available through Totally Tracey. You can train at our air conditioned personal studio, in your home, or at a park. Helping you to achieve a healthier lifestyle and meet your personal goals is what Totally Tracey's Personal Training Services is all about. Training sessions are scheduled to suit you.


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