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To really get to know your pet we offer a free initial consultation to establish your dogs care requirements. We conduct an extensive initial screening where you will be asked to fill out an information form that can be down loaded or filled out online that asks about, preferred Vet, exercise needs, mobility requirements, a list of contacts, safety requirements.

This will enable us to make sure that your dog is compatible with the type of services we provide and most importantly, to match him or her up with the other dogs she or he will walk with. This also gives you and your pet the chance to meet us so you can be sure that you want to hire us. When we’ve all agreed to the best type of care, we create a file for you and your pet, sign an agreement, collect any keys required and agree to a time and day/s for walking.

Following your detailed instructions, we care for your pets as if they were our own. We understand that cuddling and talking to your pets is just as important as walking them.

We will collect your dog from your home then drive them to a local dog friendly environment. We take a maximum of 4 dogs out on each group walk. These groups are arranged so that your dog is taken on a walk with other dogs that complement his or her temperament and energy level. Each dog in our care must be compatible with other dogs and trustworthy off-leash in the park.

If you prefer your dog to go solo on a walk for 1 hour this is also available.

Dog walking

bullet Casual walks paid for on a per walk basis.
bullet Regulars pay weekly or are invoiced end of month

Dog Walking Fees

Cancellation Fee: full walk fee payable if less than 24 hours notice given.

bullet One dog in a group starts at $29.50
bullet One dog solo starts at $44.00
bullet 50% surcharge public holidays.
bullet 100% surcharge Xmas Day, Boxing Day, News Years Day and Good Friday.
bullet Cancellation fee: $33.00 if interview conducted and service cancelled.

Terms and Conditions

Dogs must be 6 months of age, fully vaccinated and registered with the appropriate municipal council. They must be compatible with other dogs, familiar with common commands and trustworthy off leash.

bullet We must be advised if your pet is not desexed
bullet We must be advised of any aggressive tendencies your pet may have
bullet We advise that your pet is micro chipped and details are kept up to date
bullet Affix current identification tag to your pet’s collar with my details when you are away


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