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Pet Minding

Totally Tracey pet minding service offers an alternative to kennels and catteries when you go away for short or long periods of time for those times when you need to be away from home and are unable to take your pet with you.

Most pets prefer the comfort and security of their own familiar environment when you are on holidays. We at Totally Tracey will ensure that your pet is nurtured and loved while you are away by visiting them on a daily basis taking your dog for a walk with a small group of other dogs, feeding him/her on our return, feeding your cat, fish etc., refreshing water bowls.

If required, we will administer medication, collect mail, turn lights on and off, and put your rubbish out and water plants.

If you do not like leaving your dog at home alone I do offer for your dog to stay at my premises as long as they are house trained, do not bark excessively, dig holes and like other dogs.

To really get to know your pet we offer a free initial consultation to establish your pets care requirements. We conduct an extensive initial screening where you will be asked to fill out an information form that can be down loaded or filled out online that asks about current medications, preferred Vet, dietary needs, exercise needs, mobility requirements, a list of contacts, safety requirements.

This will enable us to make sure that your dog is compatible with the type of services we provide. This also gives you and your pet the chance to meet us so you can be sure that you want to hire us. When we’ve all agreed to the best type of care, we create a file for you and your pet, sign an agreement, and collect any keys required and a take a 50% deposit. The balance of the fee is payable when the 1st visit starts.

We also offer text updates so you can enjoy your time away knowing that your pets are being cared for with total loving care.

Following your detailed instructions, we care for your pets as if they were our own. We understand that cuddling and talking to your pets is just as important as feeding, watering and walking your dogs.

Our pet minding service gives you the freedom and confidence to leave your home whenever you want, knowing your pets are being cared for by experienced, professional animal lovers.

For your privacy

bullet Our company strictly adheres to the national privacy laws to ensure that you and your pet’s details are kept safe
bullet All household details are kept separate from any keys provided to us
bullet At no stage is your personal information disclosed or kept in a location that is accessible to others
bullet We request that you advise our us of any other persons who have access to your property at the time we are scheduled to visit
bullet Keys and security details are kept securely on file or are returned to you after our visit
bullet All windows and doors will be locked on our exit

Pet Minding

bullet 1st booking – 50% deposit at time of client interview, balance payable when starting with first pet minding service
bullet Future bookings – entire amount payable on start of pet minding service.

Pet Minding Fees

bullet Starts at$30.00 per visit if no walking needed.
bullet One dog (walk and feed) starts at $44.00, 2 dogs $77.00
bullet One cat starts at $29.50
bullet Extra visit on same day same fee applies
bullet Birds, fish, rabbits etc. Starts at $25.00
bullet 50% surcharge public holidays.
bullet 100% surcharge Xmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day and Good Friday.
bullet Cancellation fee: $33.00 if interview conducted and service cancelled.

Terms and Conditions

Dogs must be 6 months of age, fully vaccinated and registered with the appropriate municipal council. They must be compatible with other dogs, familiar with common commands and trustworthy off leash.

bullet We must be advised if your pet is not desexed
bullet We must be advised of any aggressive tendencies your pet may have
bullet We advise that your pet is micro chipped and details are kept up to date
bullet Affix current identification tag to your pet’s collar with my details when you are away


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